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Most fly reels that you would consider for trout fishing are single action reels. For every turn you make cranking the line in, you get that much line back. Spinner reels in comparison typically have drastically greater ratios than this from 4-6:1, or 4 to 6 revolutions of line per turn of the handle. The […]


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As with a spinner rod, picking a fly rod is a subjective thing. What is important is to make sure that you have an 8 to 9 foot fly rod for fishing for trout. You need the extra length compared to a spinning rod to cast the line properly. You can purchase fly rods that […]


Features in Water that Attract Trout

Trout are concerned with survival. This means they need to be comfortable, have sufficient food and stay alive. Comfort comes into play when considering the temperature and oxygen content of the water. Sufficient food means that there has to be fish, aquatic and terrestrial bugs in the area that they can feed on. Of course, […]