About Trout

In this section you will learn all there is to know about trout that will help you catch more of them. You will learn the different types of trout and how to identify them. You will learn some general characteristics of trout and what sets them apart from other fish. You will learn about their feeding habits and where each type can be found. You will also learn how to find trout by understanding how they act in each environment and season. This is a great section to skip around on, especially if you are in a particular environment. You can read what pertains to your area and skip the rest.

However, if you are like me and like to explore different areas of the world then you should read the whole thing. You can always go back to particular sections when you are fishing for a specific type or in a particular area as a refresher. When considering the different species of trout, you may become familiar with the different  names. Most people use the common names as opposed to the scientific names but all are a part of the Salmonidae family as are salmon. I will outline the different names of each fish so you can be familiar with them. I will also go into some of the hybrids that are available in trout. You will also learn about the behaviors of trout, their senses, their eating habits and where to find them.

Although there are various species, most of the tricks and tips can be used across the board. The species of trout is not nearly as important as environmental factors that may affect behavior and thus types of fishing techniques that should be used. Fresh water trout, regardless of where they are found all behave similarly. Likewise, saltwater trout behave similarly. So, with a few exceptions specific to various species, a trout is a trout is a trout.

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