Apache Trout

Apache Trout are the state fish of Arizona and they can only be found in this state.  In fact, they can only be found in northern Arizona in the White Mountains.  They were once on the endangered species list but are no longer.  Fishing for this type of fish, though, has to be done with permission from the Fort Apache Indian Reservation or has to be done at one of the Arizona State Apache Trout waters.  Although no longer endangered they still are threatened so fishing is often limited.  A permit needs to be granted by obtaining a fishing permit or a tribal permit.  Many Apache trout fishing locations only allow catch and release but there are some that will allow you to keep limited amounts. 

The fish itself is a gold color with black spots and typically measures between six inches and two feet.  The eyes of the Apache trout look as if there is a black line running through them.  They can weigh up to six pounds.  A picture of an Apache trout is shown below:

Arizona has several fishing areas where these fish can be found.  Because of how unique this fish is, anyone who likes to fish and resides in or around Arizona should take advantage of this rare opportunity.  If you live far away, though, you may want to consider a vacation to this area just so you can get a chance to try your hand at catching this great fish!

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  1. Raymond says:

    Launched May 30. The smith was running 680 at eden brgide when we left but over 1000 when we got out. The tributaries are very clear but the Smith itself was very muddy but will clear very fast after a rain or runoff. Best bet is to fish at least 2 days after the runoff or rain. We fished in 12 of vis and had luck with some nymphs but mostly brown streamers. Salmon hatch is over.

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