Gila trout

The Gila trout was named for its indigenous waterway, the Gila River. It is a very rare fish and was on the endangered species list for many years. They have copper coloring and spots and a slash similar to a cutthroat fish beneath the jaw. These fish are small, typically only up to eight inches in length. They used to be abundant in cool, high elevation streams and often live in rock beds in the water. Their status was downgraded to threatened and for most areas fishing of this species is illegal.
However, New Mexico is now allowing those who want to fish for this species to do so within certain limitations. You need a special license and can only fish during certain times of the year. Fishing must be catch and release only and you may not used barbed hooks. If you are in New Mexico and want the opportunity to fish this rare species, make sure to check the website for the most recent, up to date information on the rules.

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