Golden Trout or Palomino Trout

This is California’s state fish and is rather abundant in the area. They live to be approximately seven years old and a little over two feet in length. Typically this fish likes mountainous regions and high elevations but can also be found in low lying areas. Their markings sometimes change with their environment. Those found in higher elevations have bright colored markings of gold and amber. These colors seem to fade in fish found in lower elevations.

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  1. Charles says:

    Just found your site, great! reminds me of my cohidlhod learning about fishing in UK. Minnows, baby perch, gudgeon and bleak were the main prey with home made rods rarely over 6ft long; the line was a single strand of white horse hair from a suffok punch cart horse float was a chicken quill and the hook a penny size 16 from a shop in the market town. all this was almost 70 years ago but still very fresh in my memory.In the garden I have a stand of bamboo and a light rod could easily be made to catch the local smelt and inanga . second cohidlhod roll on!!!

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