Identifying Gender

There are a few distinguishing features that will allow you to determine the gender of trout.  Some of these are able to be seen externally.  For example, male trout tend to have a hook near the bottom part of their jaw.   The shape of the head is also a determining factor in the gender of trout.  Female trout have rounder heads while males have a pointed shape to their head.  

A female trout develops an egg sac next to the stomach.  This can only be seen after it is caught, though.  Once you gut the fish, you can see if it has an egg sac.  If so, it’s a female trout.

Lake trout are a bit more difficult to distinguish between genders.  Also, the same holds true for trout recently introduced to a river.  Both types tend to have coloring and brightness that are similar and it may be more difficult to tell if it is a male or female.  You can still look at the head and jaw but you will have to look a lot closer in order to accurately identify gender in these cases.

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