Rainbow trout or Redband trout

Rainbow trout are probably the most popular of all the trout. They are fun to catch and great to cook. Even though this species is quite abundant they are still a challenge to catch. A rainbow trout can reach up to forty five inches and up to forty pounds but the average length is about a foot and a half and the average weight is about ten pounds. They live to be only about six years old in ideal conditions.

This is a fresh water fish that is indigenous to North America and parts of Asia. Some Rainbow trout live in salt water and called Steelhead trout. This fish if living in a lake typically is smaller but when in streams and rivers can be quite large. They have silver colored skin with rainbow like coloring for which they were named. Rainbow trout are especially popular with anglers because they are a challenge to catch. They are fast and will put up a struggle when caught.

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