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Trout Fishing Extreme Review


Fly Fishing DVD

The fly fishing DVD entitled ‘Successful Fly Fishing Strategies’ covers nine different types of trout fishing waters such as:

  • Fast moving water
  • 90 degree curves with deep holes
  • Deep slow moving rivers
  • Stillwater lakes
  • Medium sized streams
  • Good sized rivers
  • Small creeks

This DVD shows how to fish with dry flies, nymphs, streamers or a combination. You will be shown how to attach and use different indicators and how you can setup and fish with two flies at the one time! This fly fishing DVD is different from most – it provides valuable and usable information and still is entertaining.

This is probably the best fly fishing DVD I have seen in a while. If you have ever wondered how that other guy at the bend in the river is hooking and landing all those trout while you are not – this is the fly fishing DVD for you! Whether an expert or beginner, take the time to watch this DVD and learn a few secrets from a couple of blokes that obviously enjoy fishing and know what they are talking about. During my first viewing, I realized that not only was the DVD filled with valuable information, but that it was also professionally produced and just plain fun to watch.

I have seen almost all the fly fishing DVDs and videos produced and this show is, without a doubt, about the best. It is just what its title says — about strategies and how to fish different kinds of water, no matter if that water is located in New England, the west, the south or Alaska. This is not a casting video – as the title says, it’s about strategies. I was impressed with the clear explanations of the kinds of choices a fly fisher can have in a particular location.

I thought this program did an excellent job of teaching those fishing strategies in a live class room. I have spent many days guiding many different rivers over the years and in my mind it can be one of the most difficult rivers to guide on. Watching this program has actually helped me do a better job in helping my clients be more successful fishing this river. I find it helpful to watch as many programs as possible about fly fishing because I am always looking for tips to give me an edge on the water with my clients. This program did that as well as being easy to watch. It was interesting, it was done well and it covered many different fishing situations that most anglers find themselves in on a regular basis.

Fly Fishing Videos

If you’re looking to get started in fly fishing or wanting to catch more trout then I encourage you to read on. See you are probably making critical mistakes in your efforts at fly fishing and don’t even know it! You may think you know how to fly fish – but have you ever watched a professional fly fishing video?

The mistakes that you are making will not only harm your changes at catching more trout, you will never experience the true fun of fly fishing as a result of your lack of success. You can learn how to become fantastic at fly fishing and love every minute of it.  Of course you can read every book on fly fishing in the world and still not master the art. What you really need to do is ‘see’ how it’s done with some fly fishing videos.

Watching the right fly fishing videos will help you gain total knowledge about the five main types of artificial fly using in fly fishing for trout. Fly casting is a very difficult thing to describe in a book – words and pictures just don’t do it! Watching a fly fishing video that shows you, step by step, how to cast a fly is exactly what you need to see. When you see an experienced fly fisherman casting then you will fully get an idea about how to do it yourself.

I remember watching my dad who was a fantastic fly fisherman – when he cast it was a thing of beauty. He as disciplined, calm – magnificent! I just wish I had a video camera at the time – I could have made hours of fantastic fly fishing videos… Nevertheless – If you want to reach that goal you need to learn the basic. Once you overcome the basics you can guide your fly to any location and obstacle without making a splash that scares away the trout.

Fly Fishing Books

Fly Fishing Books

Fly Fishing Book

Fly Fishing Book

Gone are the standard work hours of nine to five. Nowadays we find ourselves working harder and longer hours than ever before. Wouldn’t it be great to just put your feet up and go fishing for trout? Well finding the time to go trout fishing can be difficult, so why not be super prepared for your next trout fishing trip by reading some fly fishing books?

Perhaps your style is a good old fashioned hard back fly fishing book. There is many a fly fishing magazine to choose from today as well, and if reading isn’t your thing then listen to a fly fishing book on your way to and from work. Either way take some time out of your busy schedule and read a fly fishing book so the next time you hit the water your chances of catching more trout are increased.

When was the last time you visited your local library? For most of us it’s been a long time – why not drop in a take a look at their selection of fly fishing books – you will be surprised at how many books on fly fishing are available today. Of course in this modern day and age the internet is littered with eBooks for you to purchase and read – so that is an option as well.

Once you make your choice of fly fishing book read it from cover to cover. Stop at any words you are unfamiliar with and look them up – find out what it means – don’t guess. Fly fishing books can use some strange terms that you may be unfamiliar with – so get familiar – it can make a huge difference.

Learn how to cast and learn about fly rods, reels, lines and flies. Once you understand the basics it doesn’t hurt to attend a fly fishing school. Fly fishing books can explain to you how a trout thinks and acts. A fly fishing book can illustrate and explain everything to you in great detail. However no fly fishing book can replace practice and being shown how to cast. Believe me with fly fishing you truly do need to practice, practice, practice.

So get out there now, find a fly fishing book that appeals to you and start reading. Learn as much as you can about trout and the art of fly fishing then start practicing. Tight lines!

trout fishing flyfishing reels

Most fly reels that you would consider for trout fishing are single action reels. For every turn you make cranking the line in, you get that much line back. Spinner reels in comparison typically have drastically greater ratios than this from 4-6:1, or 4 to 6 revolutions of line per turn of the handle. The retrieval of line from a single action reel is very much dependant on how much line is on the reel at the time. Adding a backing (more on this later) helps maintain the amount of line coming in.

When shopping for a fly reel there are a couple things to look for:

1. The line weight the reel is designed for. For trout fishing, you will typically be using 5, 6 or 7lb line. Luckily, there are many fly reels that are rated for 5-7lb line. Some even have the ability to switch spools easily.

2. Line retrieval system. Obviously, a reel is going to have a manual, aka you, line retrieval system. Some manufacturers have automatic retrieval systems on their fly reels. This means you push a button and the line comes back all by itself. This can be convenient but using this when you are trying to bring in a fish can make you lose some of the feel and could cause you to lose the prize fish that is pushing the weight limit of your setup.

3. Drag. A vast majority of fly reels have non adjustable drags. It will drag the line but without giving you adjustability. If you need more drag, you can apply a bit of pressure to the reel with your hand. There are a few high-end fly reels that offer adjustable drags but they are more common in higher pound rated models.

4. Easily Replaceable Spools. As we go through the section on line, you will see why having multiple spools is an essential component of a good fly fishing rig.