Brown TroutTrout fishing is one of the most fun past times for people who love to fish. For me, I have been fishing most of my life. It started out when I was a child taking fishing trips with my relatives and grew from there. Now I continue to fish regularly and have traveled across the United States, Mexico, Australia, New Zeland and Europe on fishing vacations. Whenever I get a chance to explore new waters and fishing areas for trout, I try to take advantage of it.I want to share these experiences with fellow anglers who want to hone their skills. Am I trout expert? Well, I will not claim to be the expert on trout but I do know quite a bit and have been successful in my fishing expeditions.

I have gone saltwater trout fishing, deep sea, boat fishing, fresh water fishing and have stood off the end of a pier. All have been enjoyable but each a little different. Because of this experience I have gathered many different tips and techniques on how to catch more trout and this is why I decided to make this website.

I started out learning how to fish from my father and grandfather. Throughout the years I have come into contact with many authorities on the subject and have soaked up the information they had to partake like a sponge. Of course libraries, television shows on fishing and magazines are also great sources of information and ones I continue to take advantage of to this day. With the advent of the Internet, a whole new world has been unlocked for me and I have at my fingertips a wealth of information that is easy and convenient to access. So, I have incorporated all these sources into how I do it and it works!

I am not going to try to convince you that I am the all powerful expert on fishing but I can guarantee that you will immediately see an increase in the amount of trout you catch when you incorporate my techniques. One of the most fun and challenging part of trout fishing is the various types of fishing that works in different environments. Added to this is how sometimes it works on one day but the next you have to change to a different method. It takes some skill and understanding of all that is available to you but this is also the reason it is so fun!

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