Aquatic food

• Alder Fly – The alder fly is not a favorite when an adult but trout really enjoy the larvae. These can be found early in the season.

• Caddis and Trichoptera – These insects resemble moths and trout enjoy feeding off full grown adults as well as the larvae.

• Caenis – Humid weather brings out these types of white flies. They often fly in swarms on the surface of the water and when doing so are easy to catch.

• Ephemeroptera – These are upwings, dayflies and mayflies, larger bugs found most commonly in rivers and not as often on lakes.

• Fish – Trout do eat other fish and will even eat their own species if smaller than they are.

• Freshwater Crawfish – Another treat for trout. These can be purchased or foraged for.

• Midge and Chironomid – These insects do not bite and are typically found in still water. Trout find these insects a favorite treat.

• Migrating Snail – While not abundant year round, these snails will float bear the surface of the water a few times per year and are a nice treat for trout.

• Odonata –Commonly known as the damsel fly, it has a distinct bluish color for males and brown for females. It is a rather large bug the trout particularly enjoy feeding on.

• Stonefly – These are often found outside the United States and are abundant very early in the season.

• Tadpoles and Frogs – These are easy to find and a great source of nutrition for trout.

• Water Flea – These are abundant on cloudy days. They are tiny insects that hover near the surface of the water.

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