How much trout eat

The amount of food that trout eat depends on the species. Rainbow trout, for example, can eat a lot and grow quickly. The size of the trout comes into play when determining how much food it will eat and how hungry they are. Obviously the smaller the fish, the less food it will consume.

Weather also plays a part in the quantity of food eaten. If it is very warm or very cold, trout tend to eat less or stop feeding altogether because their metabolism changes. However, in moderate temperatures that are ideal conditions for trout, they will eat to maximum capacity. If food sources are scarce, trout will over eat. While this will not kill them on day one, if it continues they will die from over eating. But you can definitely take advantage of this trend if you know there is a food shortage in the area.

Digestion is also a factor in how much a trout eats. When the weather is warmer a trout can digest food a lot quicker. It takes a matter of hours to digest and you will have more likelihood of getting more fish when they are hungrier because their food digests quicker. Conversely, in colder weather it can take all day for a meal to digest. 

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