Terrestrial Food

• Ants – A trout will jump out of the water to grab up an unsuspecting ant near the water.

• Beetles – Found mostly in the summer, these fly near the water and are easily caught.

• Caterpillars – These summer creatures wander to close to the water and get snatched up by hungry trout.

• Crane Fly or Daddy Long Legs – These can be found in late spring through late summer.

• Crickets – A special treat for trout, they can easily be caught or purchased in bait shops.

• Grasshoppers – Another yummy trout food that is easily caught or purchased.

• Greenfly – These land on the surface of the water and typically gather en masse.

• Hawthorns – Big black bugs with long hind legs. Often they are found near the surface of the water in groups.

• Hoverflies – These are perfect treats for trout and can be found primarily in the summer time.

• Moths – Found predominantly in summer months, they hover close to the water and are abundant.

• Wasps – These are not always eaten and can be found most often in September.

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