Fly Fishing DVD

The fly fishing DVD entitled ‘Successful Fly Fishing Strategies’ covers nine different types of trout fishing waters such as:

  • Fast moving water
  • 90 degree curves with deep holes
  • Deep slow moving rivers
  • Stillwater lakes
  • Medium sized streams
  • Good sized rivers
  • Small creeks

This DVD shows how to fish with dry flies, nymphs, streamers or a combination. You will be shown how to attach and use different indicators and how you can setup and fish with two flies at the one time! This fly fishing DVD is different from most – it provides valuable and usable information and still is entertaining.

This is probably the best fly fishing DVD I have seen in a while. If you have ever wondered how that other guy at the bend in the river is hooking and landing all those trout while you are not – this is the fly fishing DVD for you! Whether an expert or beginner, take the time to watch this DVD and learn a few secrets from a couple of blokes that obviously enjoy fishing and know what they are talking about. During my first viewing, I realized that not only was the DVD filled with valuable information, but that it was also professionally produced and just plain fun to watch.

I have seen almost all the fly fishing DVDs and videos produced and this show is, without a doubt, about the best. It is just what its title says — about strategies and how to fish different kinds of water, no matter if that water is located in New England, the west, the south or Alaska. This is not a casting video – as the title says, it’s about strategies. I was impressed with the clear explanations of the kinds of choices a fly fisher can have in a particular location.

I thought this program did an excellent job of teaching those fishing strategies in a live class room. I have spent many days guiding many different rivers over the years and in my mind it can be one of the most difficult rivers to guide on. Watching this program has actually helped me do a better job in helping my clients be more successful fishing this river. I find it helpful to watch as many programs as possible about fly fishing because I am always looking for tips to give me an edge on the water with my clients. This program did that as well as being easy to watch. It was interesting, it was done well and it covered many different fishing situations that most anglers find themselves in on a regular basis.

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