Hybrid trout

The interbreeding among trout is a fairly common occurrence. Trout adapt very well to their surroundings and as such, when introduced to new environments have bred with other species. The result is a hybrid trout. A tiger trout is one such common fish but there are many others including:

• Aurora

• Brownbow

• Brookinow

• Brake

• Cuttbow

• Splake

• Whirlygig

• Whitepine

Hybrid trout sometimes occur through a natural process when fish interbreed. Other hybrids are developed in hatcheries. Hybrids have an advantage because they are typically larger and live longer than pure bred fish. Most hybrids are unable to reproduce and are sterile but there are some exceptions to this rule, including the splake trout. The issue with hybrid trout is a somewhat controversial subject. People who fish and environmentalists alike often have very strong opinions regarding the ethics of fishing hybrids and creating hybrids in hatcheries.

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