Benefits of Triploid Trout

Some anglers really enjoy the introduction of triploid trout. Because they are sterile they concentrate more fully on eating as opposed to reproducing. Because of this, they tend to be bigger and live longer. They are also easier to catch. Introducing triploid trout in the wild restocks bodies of water that may be running low on fish. This allows anglers the opportunity to catch fish they otherwise might not have been able to.

State governments often employ these methods so they can take advantage of offering the local population and tourists a rich fishing experience. They also get additional revenue from fishing licenses. So, the added popularity of fishing abundant waters increases the number of people fishing as well as the tourism trade.

For bodies of water with pure bred fish, triploid trout can be introduced without the risk of inbreeding with the existing species. This allows both species to thrive and gives anglers additional fishing options. While the sterile fish will eventually die off or get caught, they can easily be re populated from the hatcheries. Conversely, when inbreeding occurs in nature there is a risk of threatening the pure bred species. This is because the lifespan of the hybrid tends to be greater than that of the pure.

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