Disadvantages of Triploid Trout

While stocking lakes, rivers and streams with hybrid trout immediately sounds like a good idea and shows minimal risk to the existing natural population, there is quite a bit of controversy surrounding the practice. Environmentalists and animal rights activists are the most vocal regarding this practice but there are also religious overtones included in the argument against lab created hybrid fish.

The argument is that we, as humans, should not genetically alter a species and instead rely solely on what is found in nature. We are creating species of fish that would not otherwise exist and they are unable to reproduce. Some argue that this is like “playing God” and is a practice that should be banned.

Animal rights activists cite the potential for accelerated growth of the hybrids. When this occurs, the hybrid’s body is often too big and the swim slower than naturally born fish. This makes them easier to catch, which ha lot of anglers prefer, but some seem to think this is not fair play. They also were raised in environments where they were regularly fed and never got the wild instinct to hunt and catch food as they would if raised in the wild. This is said to increase the death rate as they are unable to survive as long in the wild.

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