Is Fishing for Hybrids Fair?

From a strictly sporting point of view, the idea of fishing hybrids is also controversial. On one side of the coin anglers have more opportunities to fish and can have a more enjoyable experience. On the other side, though, fishing for hybrids is easier and you tend to get larger fish. Some say this takes the challenge out of the sport of fishing.

Another issue that is often addressed is the records set for length and weight of trout caught. As baseball fans are probably familiar with, there is great controversy over whether or not a record set by a player who is using steroids should officially stand or be overturned for not playing fair. The record that was broken was done so by using enhancements. The same logic holds true with those who hold records of trophy fish by only fishing naturally occurring species. If the hybrid fish are simply designed to be bigger, where is the fairness in catching them as opposed to natural fish?

Even today records are being broken throughout the world where hybrids are caught. The hybrids that are caught are already larger than the current record holders. They are easier to catch. Odds are, the records will not hold for long. Debate among anglers is heated but the governing body has yet to make any type of official ruling on the practice.

The International Game Fish Association holds and certifies the records for trophy fish. It has been suggested that two classifications of fish be used for records, one for naturally born fish and another for the genetically altered fish. Some states have independently adopted such a practice but the International Game Fish Association is not currently considering such a division. If you are sport fishing or fishing with the goal of obtaining trophy fish, this is something you should be aware of.

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