Trout Fishing Tips

Now that you have begun to understand how trout think, we need to take a turn toward what it takes to be a successful angler. Trout, by their very nature are a challenge to catch, even with the best equipment money can buy and years of experience practicing catching them. Some breeds, such as the Blue Back Trout are so elusive and hard to catch that for a long time, people thought they were extinct! The first thing you need to do is read the next few sections then begin to put together a shopping list.

If you are preparing for your first trout fishing trip ever, this website is a great guide to putting that list together and figuring out what you really need as well as what you don’t. If you are already an avid fisherman, you may want to read these sections on equipment anyway to see if there is anything you’ve missed. You may learn something, just as you would if you were talking to another fisherman in a bait store or on the shore of a lake. From there, I recommend practicing. Take a sinker and tie it to the end of your line and just practice casting in your backyard or somewhere where you have room to cast as well as obstacles to avoid. My backyard has trees, a couple raised beds, a patio, etc.

I still practice trying to hone my casting skills so I can land a 1 oz sinker or a fly in the birdbath across the yard. If I can do that, I will be able to get a spinner or fly exactly where I want it when I am fishing. Read through the casting techniques sections and begin working on your skills. If you are new to fishing, make sure you understand basic casting of an open-face reel before jumping in and trying to cast. Similarly, practice your fly fishing casts at home before you attempt them on the water. If you try to just jump onto the water, you are likely going to leave frustrated and not want to go fishing again, regardless of what you are fishing for. A little preparation goes a long ways to making your first trout fishing expedition (or first fly fishing expedition) a fun and productive one.

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