Baits That Work Well In Almost Every Situation

Prepared Salmon Eggs – Personally, this has always been one of the most reliable ways to catch trout. It is not guaranteed but between the smell and the bright red or orange color, the trout bite almost immediately, especially stocked trout. The wilder trout tend to shy away more but sometimes will still let their curiosity get the better of them. These work well especially in deep pools or if you are fishing a lake head where you are still focused on more river-size trout.

Velveeta Balls — If the fish aren’t biting the salmon eggs, a little ball of Velveeta around the hook can sometimes do the trick. The color is milder than that of the salmon eggs and the cheese stays on the hook well while still giving off an odor.

Engineered or Synthetic Bait – Powerbait as well other brands all work similarly to the above mentioned baits. They are tailored for certain types of trout and are offered in various colors. If you intend on using Powerbait, be sure to pick up an assortment of the colors offered. Rainbow trout, particularly, love Powerbaits but are picky about the color on some days. Water conditions play a factor but are not a guarantee.

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