Fish Appeal Characteristics

The typical tackle box for the spinner/lure fisherman will have a diverse range of choices to work with. The goal of any spinner or lure is to excite the trout and you want to make sure that your tackle box has an assortment that will do this. There are four things you need to focus on when picking your spinners and lures:

1. Colors – When choosing spinners or lures, you want to have a variety of natural and synthetic colors in your tackle box. Our goal is to attract the fish. If they aren’t biting on natural colors, maybe they need something to get them to notice your lure. Curiosity killed the cat, and also has been a very successful tool in hooking the trout.

2. Reflection – While shiny is good for the most part, you need to have a variety of reflectivity in your spinners. There are conditions where a mostly black spinner is the best choice and conditions where a ridiculously reflective spinner is best. Pick up at least one on each end of the extreme and a couple in the middle.

3. Sizes – You want to make sure that you have proper sized spinners and lures for the average size fish you are trying to catch. This is particularly important with the Minnow Plugs and Crankbaits. Trout tend to eat much smaller things than they are. If you are trying to entice them with something that looks like food, you need to make sure it is something they can realistically eat.

4. Excite the Trout — You want to make sure you have a variety of spinners and lures that are capable of exciting the trout through any means necessary. Your chosen spinners and lures should have enough variety to be able to try to imitate food, invoke anger or create curiosity. If you don’t have all three bases covered, you might miss out on a day of good fishing because of the mood of the fish.

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