How to Reel the Spinner In

Properly reeling in your spinner or lure is both art and science. I can tell you what I do, your buddy can tell you what he does and they are likely similar but unlikely to be the same. There are a couple important techniques to remember and try when reeling your spinner in. Remember, your goal is to entice the fish:

1. Slow and steady catches the trout (but not too slow!) – If you are using a spinner, you want to reel slowly. You should feel the spinner pulsing through your rod as you reel. You have to gauge whether you are reeling properly by the pulses. If you reel your spinner in too slowly it won’t spin and therefore won’t pulse. If you reel too fast, it spins but doesn’t pulse properly and doesn’t shine like it is supposed to. Practicing in shallow water where you can see your bait helps gauge this.

2. Not too slow and unsteady catches the trout – If you are using a spoon style lure, you have to pulse the lure yourself. You want your lure to seem unpredictable to the trout you are trying to catch. You want to reel in slowly, but fast enough that the line is tight while you pump the rod. Vary the amount you bring the rod up while continuing to reel. As you bring the tip back down, you will have to reel slightly faster to keep the line tight. This pumping action makes your flashy spoon look more natural and fish like, as well as captivating its attention better. This type of action works great for Minnow plugs and crank baits as well as you are simulating an injured fish with this type of pulsing or jigging motion.

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