Pick the Right Spinner for the Conditions

You’ve arrived at your chosen fishing spot and break out the well-stocked tackle box. Which spinner or lure do you use? Choosing the right lure for the moment is based on the following factors:

1. Where are you fishing? If you are fishing a lake, your spinner or lure choice is going to be greatly different than if you are trying to catch trout in a creek or brook. Begin eliminating choices as you are getting to your destination. Once you have arrived, you will already have a game plan and will only need to modify it based on the next few items.

2. Amount of sun and water clarity– Remember that variety of reflective spinners you bought? You now have to find the perfect one, which may take some trial and error. As a rule, the sunnier the day and the clearer the water, the less reflectivity you need. You want to entice the trout almost to the point of being scared off. This is where the trial and error comes in and it could change on a daily basis even with similar weather conditions! As a hint: if you aren’t sure what your lure looks like underwater, put it in the water and watch it move as you walk parallel to the water.

3. Water Temperature – Especially important if you are planning on doing lake fishing, knowing the surface temperature of the water can help you figure out how deep the fish are going to be that day. Even knowing the water temperature for river fishing will help let you know where to focus your energies and with which type of spinner or lure and what time of day. If you have had a bitter cold morning and the sun is hiding behind clouds, you are likely to find the fish are sluggish and may not even care that there is something shiny or food-like going by.

4. Are the trout striking at what you are offering? This should be the big “duh” of spinner and lure fishing. If you’ve spent 20 minutes casting and retrieving your spinner with no success it’s either time to move to a different spot or try a different approach. If you’ve tried a bunch of different approaches but you are sure there are fish there, break out the super-duper!

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