When do trout like to eat?

Spinners are often used as lures when trout fishing and lure fishing is my preferred method. However, depending on the conditions bait can be used. Look to crickets, grasshoppers, beetles, worms, salmon eggs, chicken liver, bees, ants, wasps, other fish and flies as bait. You can also use cheese, marshmallows and corn. Power Bait is often used when fishing for rainbow trout but it is not as useful on other species. If you are not having luck with the particular bait you are using, try something else.

Trout are picky eaters. They may like one type of food one day and not the next. This is important to note because you may want to bring several different varieties of bait with you. Pay attention to the type of insects that are flying near the water and match those if you can.

Trout are also rather lazy. They do not want to fight too hard to get food so often target food sources that are in distress. For example, an injured grasshopper is more likely to become prey of trout than one that is perfectly healthy and more likely to get away. This can be used to your advantage by mimicking behavior akin to injured food.

Because trout can see colors, sometimes the color of the bait is important. For live bait, try to match the type of food that is in the area at that stage. For artificial bait, you may have luck with one color and not another. With lures a dull color such as bronze or black work well on sunny days, gold, silver and other shiny colors work well on overcast days. Remember trout do not have eyelids so too much ‘flash’ will scare them away.

Power Bait is synthetic bait that is really useful with rainbow trout. It comes in various colors and you may need to experiment with colors to see what attracts the trout most. Trout of course eat both terrestrial and aquatic foods.

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