trout fly fishing rods

As with a spinner rod, picking a fly rod is a subjective thing. What is important is to make sure that you have an 8 to 9 foot fly rod for fishing for trout. You need the extra length compared to a spinning rod to cast the line properly. You can purchase fly rods that break down into 2 or more pieces. More pieces add a bit of weight but do not affect the flexibility of the rod nor its function. You will want to pick a rod with small enough lengths to fit your application. If you are just going to fish and have the room 2 pieces is plenty. If you want to fly fish while on a backpacking expedition, one that breaks into 5 pieces would be much more practical to carry.

While trying out fly rods, you want to test the action like you would for a spinner rod. If there is room in the store, check the “snap” of the rod as well. Hold the rod vertically and whip it back and forth to make sure the tip of the rod really snaps forward as if you were casting it. This snap is what propels you fly forward and gives you quite a bit of distance control with small input differences.

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