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How to discover the simple method to creating a trout feeding frenzy!? (p 21)
Simple technique to finding the trout in warmer water! (p21)
Simple technique to finding the trout in shallow water (p22)
3 Facts you must knowabout the trout species (p22)
Why almost everything you know is wrong about fishing for trout at night(p23)
The amazing secretof appearing almost invisible to trout (p24)
End your wondering – can trout hear you talking? (p25)
The jealously-guarded secret of professional anglers– What do trout like to eat? (p26)
The absolute best time to fishfor trout (p28)
End your wondering – the trout will almost always be here in every river or stream(p32)
How to make sure you’re not scaring away fish with your fishing line (p 42)
The correct way to use spinners (p48)
An easy 3-step systemfor selecting the right spinner (p49)
How to quickly and easily select the right spinner every time (p50-51)
The truth about making your own spinners! (p52)
What every angler must know about fly fishing (p53)
How to choose your fly fishing rod, reel, backing, line, taper, leaders and tippets. (p53-58)
The correct way to select a wet or dry fly (p60)
The A-B-C Formula to bait fishing(p65)
Keep your catch in pristine condition while catching even more (p68)
Discover each species favorite bait! (p84-86)
Quick and easy steps to master the art of spinner fishing (p87-90)
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My book covers almost everything but perhaps you have a question that is specific to your area or the type of trout fishing you do. Go ahead, ask away! The book is 103 pages long but if I wrote everything I know about trout fishing I would have never finished it. So if the answer your looking for isn’t in the book – ask me!

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Yvonne and Gary got sick of eating trout the same old way, so Yvonne spent years developing and personally trying out over 500 trout recipes. She has compiled her 101 favorites in a book simply called ‘101 Trout Recipes’. After much begging and a little arm twisting Yvonne allowed me to digitally print ONLY 50 copies of her book which I am offering to you as a limited edition bonus – GET IN QUICK!!

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Every time I go fishing I keep a diary of where I go, when I fish, water temperature and a whole stack of other information. Part of the success of this program is in keeping an accurate record of your fishing adventures. You’ll find over time that you can go back to the same spot under similar conditions and catch heaps! I have personalized this diary specifically to trout fishing and I am sharing it with you for a strictly limited time.

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There is nothing worse than heading out on a fishing trip only to forget something. This is my personal fishing checklist – there are over 40 items on it and I make sure I always take all 40 every single time I go out. Some are a necessity for catching trout, others are there for your personal safety.


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