A trouts senses

As humans we use all five senses regularly: Sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. Trout use the same senses but in different ways.

Just like humans and other animals, some senses are more developed than others and play an important part of how to catch fish. You need to be aware of what senses are sharp and what to avoid because of it. You may also want to consider how those senses can be exploited to make fishing trout easier and more successful.

Trout senses are acute and they use them to protect themselves. It is especially noteworthy that when you catch an older trout, this is a feat. They did not reach that level of maturity for nothing. The older trout typically have highly hones senses that kept them away from danger for this long. So if you are lucky enough (or skilled enough) to catch a mature trout, you have done something to be proud of!

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