Trouts sight

Trout have keen eyesight and see up to twenty feet in the water. In addition, they also have a wide range of view. Humans can only see within 180 degrees but with trout, that is much larger so they can see things well in advance of when we can. Some conditions affect how well trout can see, primarily the clarity of the water. However, keep in mind the eyesight of trout is quite sharp. Their night vision is also quite keen so if you are fishing in the evening, be aware their eyesight is much better than ours.

When fishing, wear clothing that blends into the environment and stay low so you do not stick out as something foreign within their area. They can also see colors and shades so while you should make sure to wear clothing to blend into the environment, the color of bait and lures is equally important as they can attract the trout. The best colors to wear are in the green/blue spectrum. Colors such as red, orange and yellow are the most visible colors to trout – avoid them at all costs! Trout are also light sensitive. Just as bright sunlight may affect our ability to see, it works the same with trout. One important note about trout is that they do not have eyelids. When it’s bright and sunny you and I would squint or put on sunglasses, a trout cannot! That’s another reason why they will look for shaded areas particularly during the middle of the day.

Trout also have what is called the refractive window. This means that the trout, because of the light refracting on the water, can see above it and a good distance into the surrounding environment. This is why it is also important to stay low when approaching a fishing area. Trout are able to see light and shadow and when you are standing straight up you are easy to see. If a trout sees you or any other predator, they typical reaction is to stay still and blend into the camouflage in the water.

However, as you draw closer, the trout may flee to avoid getting caught. If you are aware of this, you can take steps to avoid alerting the fish to your presence, staying low and not attracting light and shadow.

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