Trouts smell

Smell is another sense that trout have that is highly sensitive. They can tell what smells right and what does not. This can work both to your advantage and disadvantage. Consider the smell of bait. If it smells like food, the trout are more likely to bite. However, if it smells like human they will stay away. This is beneficial because you can purchase products that enhance the smell of bait that can be used on your hooks, lures and line.

But it can work to your disadvantage also. Mosquito spray and sun block are often necessary for an entire day of fishing so you are not covered in bug bites or burned and uncomfortable all day. But fish can smell that and will avoid you. The same goes for sweat, perfumes and smoking. If you have these on you the fish can smell it. Additionally, if you are handling bait and tackle you may transfer those odors to your equipment, making it harder to catch the fish.

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